Alamo Framed Again For Speaking Out Against Vatican-Led New World Order

Alamo Framed Again By U.S. Officials For Speaking Out Against Vatican-Led New World Order

Pre-Trial Independent Discovery Reveals Prosecution Witnesses Have Been Coerced and Bribed

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Dec 10, 2008

There is no doubt in this columnist’s mind Pastor Tony Alamo is being framed for speaking out against the Vatican-led New World Order.

Since late September, Alamo has been held in federal detention without bail awaiting trial on charges he violated the Mann Act for illegally transporting young girls across state lines for illicit purposes.

After Alamo’s ministry was raided in Stormtrooper like fashion days before he was incarcerated, a mainstream media blitz immediately ensued by the Vatican-controlled press depicting Alamo and his ministry as a child abusing Jim Jones like cult. Nowhere in these stories, however, geared to convict Alamo in the press, was there ever any mention of the ministry’s side of the story.

Since his arrest, Alamo and hundreds of his friends who attend his ministry have provided solid evidence contrary to the government story,   saying witnesses and ex-members of his ministry have been coerced into lying, by offered favors and even financial bribes.

Further, in independent pre-trial discovery, a number of government witness said they were coerced and bribed into saying Alamo and his ministry was nothing more than an abusive cult.

“We do know for a fact by several different sources such as former members sympathetic to our cause that indeed their witnesses are being financed in a big way, and given “big bucks” as one person told us,” said a spokesperson for the Alamo Ministry. “They have “resources,” as another put it. We are hearing that many different agencies country-wide are harassing possible witnesses who are unwilling to testify, at work, at school, at home, day and night. One person said “it is becoming a horrible nightmare.” They are being threatened, and frightened in many ways.”

However, even in light of this obvious frame-up being uncovered, Alamo remains in a cold, dank and tiny jail cell while scores of children have been taken into government custody, ripped away from their parents for no apparent good reason.

Recently, on my radio show the Investigative Journal  on, one of the parents who had three children taken away after the Alamo raid, spoke for the Christian group, saying the abuse charges have been trumped up in order to stop Pastor Alamo from spreading his Bible message and spreading the truth about the Vatican-led New World Order.

She also claimed, speaking for the entire Christian group,  Alamo has been silenced for being one of the few pastor’s courageous enough to follow the beliefs of the original Protestant Reformers who clearly showed how the Bible depicts the Vatican as the seat of the Anti-Christ.

In the meantime, Arctic Beacon is trying to get an interview with Alamo from his jail cell and will continue to interview parents at the Alamo ministry in order to get his side of the story before the American people before there is a rush to judgement.

Further, Alamo was raided by the government in the 1990’s in similar fashion in order to silence him from telling Americans that the Vatican and U.S. government are joined at the hip in order to bring about a one world government and religion under a hidden Luciferian agenda. To verify Alamo’s claims he is being framed now and was framed in the 90s, the FBI agent assigned to bring Alamo down, John Peeler, recently spoke on my radio show saying he was told by his superiors, the order then coming down from Gov. Wm. Clinton, to bring Alamo down in any fashion necessary, including framing him for drug, weapons or child abuse.

Peeler claimed Alamo was “clean as a whistle”, his superiors telling him to then bring him down on phony income tax charges, which they did resulting in Alamo spending four years in the federal pen. Peeler, however, has since publicly apologized to Alamo, saying the whole thing “was a government frame job” resulting in the government retaliating against Peeler after he left the FBI by framing his son on a trumped up murder charge, leaving his son in jail for the rest of his life.

If you want to know more about the Alamo side of this frame-up, go to where parents speak out about how the government has stolen their children.

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