The Vatican and Jesuit Global Conspiracy

Richard Cooke’s 1985 and 1999 booklets are a must read

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Dec 8. 2008

A small booklet written by Richard Cooke in 1985 and updated in 1999 is worth reading for those interested in taking the hidden mask off the Vatican-led New World Order. This Luciferian conspiracy of the blackest kind has been the focus of attention in many articles highlighted on the Arctic Beacon.

It is with great sadness and deep regret that most Americans never make the connection between Vatican control and power over U.S. and world leaders, together forming a tightly knit, monolithic organization with one goal in mind..

And that sinister goal is to bring the world population, including the U.S., under Papal control and a so-called New World Order. Cooke’s two booklets ask us to uncover hidden history and the connection among U.S. officials, the Jesuits and the Vatican hierarchy.

Here are some excerpts with a link to Cook’s entire writing listed at the end of the article:

Many Americans, of course, while paying half-hearted attention to such historical matters are convinced that although there may be some misdeeds in history, the Jesuits of the present have changed. Others seem to believe that the intrigue of the Jesuits is needed today to counteract the communist menace.

G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame was taught by the Jesuits, and nowhere does he apologize for their teachings or for his philosophy of life which is based on the Jesuit teaching that the end justifies the means. In fact, he unashamedly advocates this teaching as the only way that America can survive.

In his autobiography he states:

Fordham was a feast for the mind and a challenge to the spirit. To begin with, it was still under the absolute control of the Jesuits…As much as I had admired the German Benedictines, I admired the Jesuits more…

The Society of Jesus was something special—the shock troop of the Catholic Church.

He goes on to say that Heinrich Himmler used it as the model for his dreaded black-uniformed SS in Hitler’s Germany and that the SS swore a special oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer, just as the highest order of the Jesuits swore a special oath of loyalty to the Pope.

Liddy says later on that “just as I do, John Sirica believes the end justifies the means.”
The Jesuits obviously have gained respectability in our time. They have come a long way since John Adams, the second President of the United States, wrote in a letter to Thomas Jefferson: “If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in Hell, it is this Society of Loyola.”
John G. Schmitz, who ran for President on the American Party ticket a few years ago, was educated by the Jesuits. His education by the Jesuits was put forward as something in his favor rather than a liability. He also wrote the foreword to Gary Allen’s book, “NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY.” So we live in remarkable times when Jesuit trained leaders can write about conspiracy and be accepted not only by the general public, but by professed conservative Protestant Christianity.

Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, who has twice sought the presidential nomination, was also educated by the Jesuits.

Again, this was not something considered a liability, rather it was advertised as proof of his moral fiber and strength of character.

Times certainly have changed in America.

Harry Reasoner, as he was signing off his nationally televised newscast a few years ago, also demonstrated how far the Jesuits have come in gaining complete acceptance in the United States.

He told a joke about three orders in the Roman Catholic Church.  It went something like this.  The Dominicans, the Franciscans and the Jesuits were all arguing about which order God loved the most.

They went down to the altar and were told that they would receive the answer the next day.

When they went back the next day, there was a note on the altar which said, “I love you all equally.” Signed, God, S.J.

Harry signed off chuckling to himself. While we can appreciate a joke, we do not consider the Jesuits a laughing matter. For if the Bible is true, and we believe it is, then the Jesuit idea of salvation by works, masses, and ceremonies has led millions, and is still leading millions, to a lost eternity.

To those who cherish biblical truth and the freedom to preach the true Gospel, the rise of the Jesuits to a place of complete acceptance and indeed power in the United States today does not bode well for the future of this great land. Everything that Protestant Americans hold dear will be forfeited if these men ever gain the ascendancy in this land.

The greatest proof of all that the Jesuits have indeed gained complete respectability in the United States today is the startling fact that a man claiming to outline the global shadowy conspiracy that threatens the world should call in the leader of the Jesuits to substantiate and corroborate his thesis. No one informed in the area of church history would ever do such a thing unless he believed that the time had come when the Jesuits were no longer suspect themselves. Apparently, Gary Allen believes that this time has arrived.

Millions of conservatively oriented Americans who agree with Allen are either totally ignorant of the historical record or believe that the Jesuits have changed. It can be said without fear of contradiction that whether or not one agrees with the idea of a Jesuit Conspiracy, no Protestant who has studied church history would ever call in the leader of the Jesuits to corroborate his view of conspiracy.

The Jesuits have not only gained complete respectability in the United States today, but they have also gained great power. They own a controlling interest in the Bank of America as well as other financial interests. They are thus able to influence Roman Catholic politicians to serve the ends of the Roman Catholic Church more vigorously. (We will look at the Vatican’s vast financial empire in more detail in the next chapter.)

The Jesuits were involved in intrigue at the highest levels of the United States government. During the administration of John F. Kennedy, the Jesuits had access to the most powerful office in the world. The Rev. James Vizzard, an American Jesuit who served as a labor lobbyist in Washington, disclosed that in 1963 he was having lunch with another Jesuit, Roger Vekemans, a Belgian priest on assignment to Chile, when a White House car picked Vekemans up and took him to a meeting with President Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, and C.I.A. Director John McCone, certainly three of the most powerful men in the world at that time.

Vizzard said: “Roger came back with a big smile on his face and said, ‘I got $10 million—$5 million overt from AID (Agency for International Development) and $5 million covert from the C.I.A.’ ”
Since that time some other investigations have shown that there was a Roman Catholic bishop on the payroll of the C.I.A. in Vietnam as late as 1971, that millions of dollars were sent by the U.S. government to help the Jesuits in Chile, a country then beset by assassinations and intrigue and still embroiled in murder and
mayhem, and at this writing still controlled by a Roman Catholic military dictatorship.

Only the tip of the iceberg has ever been seen. It is obvious that the subject of Jesuit intrigue in the C.I.A. has so far never been explored in any depth whatsoever. Licio Gelli whom some writersbelieve is the man who helps hold together the Vatican conspiracy, which is out to control the world, has strong links with the C.I.A. He is called II Burattinaco—The Puppetmaster. Yallop says of him, “Gelli was the puppetmaster with a few thousand strings. The strings appear to have led everywhere, to the heart of the Vatican, to the White House, to presidential palaces in a wide range of countries.”
Gelli was the man who bought Exocet Missiles from France for Argentina in its war with Britain. Yallop says that the Vatican indirectly funded Celli through Calvi and the Bianco Ambrosiano.

Gelli was an honored guest at Reagan’s presidential inauguration.

Gelli, of course, has strong ties with Michele Sindona. He is the head of P2, the mysterious organization founded in Italy which functions in Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay, France, Portugal, Nicaragua, Switzerland, and the United States. It interlocks with the Mafia in Italy, Cuba and the United States and also with military regimes in South America, and also with the C.I.A. and ….

Editor’s Note: Richard Cooke’s booklets can be completely accessed on Arctic Beacon in near future in the books section.  Link will be posted here as well.

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