Confessions to the Jesuits – Number 36: Jesuits Gather In Rome To Select New Black Pope

Confessions to the Jesuits – Number 36

Protestant Reformers Turning Over In Graves As Jesuits Gather In Rome To Select New Black Pope

By Greg Szymanski, JD
Jan 13, 2008

In this Confession to the Jesuits No. 36, we can’t help but think how the true Protestant Reformers are turning over in their graves as the duplicitous and deceptive double-talk goes on in Rome with the election of a new Black Pope. Here’s what we mean:

Two hundred and twenty-five Jesuits gathered Friday before the tomb of their satanic military leader, Ignatius Loyola, the first Jesuit war general of the 1500s, asking for guidance in selecting a new Black Pope who will lead the Pope’s Crusade in the Middle East using U.S. military might.

The Jesuits of course don’t tell it that way in their propaganda Catholic News Service CNS outlet coming out of Rome, spinning the story and hiding behind God’s name for guidance in selecting a new Black Pope as Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, 79, retires.

According to CNS, Kolvenbach convened the General Congregation to consider his request to retire, to elect a new superior and to discuss major issues facing the Society of Jesus and its more than 19,000 members.

Q: How did the Jesuit’s become the superpower and driving force behind the New World Order?

The Jesuits’ General Congregation opened Jan. 7 with Mass in Rome’s Church of the Gesu, which houses the tomb Loyola, their first war leader and combatant against the Reformation and Bible believing Christians

If you listen to Jesuit rhetoric everything sounds holy and good, but behind the scenes true Christians know the truth about this evil Order of ‘Men in Black’ who have been killing innocents for centuries and who have still — to this very day — have more blood on their hands then a pack of lions during a feeding frenzy.

Instead of pure good, the Jesuit hierarchy in reality is pure evil personified, say many Bible-believing Christians awaiting the next Inquisition, being planned this very moment as Jesuits pick their new war leader.

First, let’s listen to a satanic Cardinal speak about Kolvenbach and Loyola in glowing terms and then of course let’s here the truth about Jesuit plans for the upcoming crusade in the Middle East and Iquisition being planned here in America.

Listen carefully as the evil Cardinal demands love for the Catholic over love for Jesus and watch how he praises the work of the Jesuits, hiding from the world the fact that the Jesuit hierarchy of the 4th Vow are the most evil, diabolic and ruthless assassins the world has ever known.

According to CNS, “Cardinal Franc Rode, prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, the principal celebrant and homilist at the Mass, thanked Father Kolvenbach for his leadership and encouraged the Jesuits to elect a successor who would help all the Jesuits remain united and devoted to the church, its members and its hierarchy.

“Consecration in service to Christ cannot be separated from consecration in service to the church,” Cardinal Rode said.

“The cardinal told the Jesuits that it is with “sorrow and anxiety” that he has seen even members of religious orders weaken their attachment to the institutional church and their fidelity to its official teaching.

“Love for the church in every sense of the word — be it the church as the people of God or the hierarchical church — is not a human sentiment, which comes and goes” depending on who its leaders and members are at any given moment in history, Cardinal Rode said.

“Love for the church is a love based on faith, a gift of the Lord which, precisely because he loves us, he gives us faith in him and his spouse, which is the church,” he said.

“With sadness and anxiety, I also see a growing distancing from the hierarchy,” he said, emphasizing that St. Ignatius insisted his companions exercise their ministry under a particularly close bond of obedience to the pope.

“The fundamental nucleus of Ignatian spirituality consists in uniting love for God with love for the hierarchical church,” Cardinal Rode said.

“The cardinal said the world urgently needs to hear the proclamation of the truth revealed in Scripture and tradition and authenticated by the official teaching of the church.

“The doctrinal diversity of those who … by vocation and mission are called to announce the kingdom of truth and love, disorients the faithful and leads to a relativism without limits,” he said.

“The cardinal also urged the members of the General Congregation to continue and to strengthen the work of the Jesuits and their institutions in stemming and reversing a separation between faith and culture, especially by being men of deep prayer as well as highly educated.”

Now let’s listen to some truth about Ignatius Loyola and the Jesuits’ evil mission: The following are portions of an April 2006 interview with Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins. Phelps has appeared numerous times on Greg Szymanski’s Investigative Journal radio show. This particular interview was transcribed by a Swedish internet site, Red Ice. The Arctic Beacon thanks this foreign outlet in taking a keen interest in U.S. national affairs.



That answer entails a long and detailed history provided in my book, Vatican Assassins “Wounded In The House Of My Friends” with its accompanying CD. That the Order ruled the world (save for a few Protestant nations such as England and the Netherlands) prior to its Suppression is without controversy. But with Pope Clement XIV issuing his bull of Suppression and Extinction, “Dominus ac Redemptor noster,” in 1773, the Order went underground. From there a host of secret societies were formed, including the Bavarian Illunminati, while gaining control over other papal orders, including the Redemptorists and the Vincentians. (The priest who gave JFK last rites in Dallas was a Vincentian—Fr. Oscar Huber overseen by Knight of Malta and Bishop of Dallas-Fort Worth, Thomas K. Gorman.) The Order received open protection from Russia’s Catherine II “the Great” and Prussia’s Frederick II “the Great.” Its secret protector was England’s King George III. In control of the Jacobins, the Order launched and led the French Revolution and later brought Napoleon to power, he waging his Napoleonic Wars executing vengeance upon the monarchs who dared to suppress and expel the Society from their borders—including the Knights of Malta. In August of 1814, the Company was restored by Pope Pius VII; from that moment on it wielded control over “the White Pope” until finally declaring him to be “infallible” in 1870. This declaration of Papal Infallibility enabled the Order to control the entire Roman Hierarchy through one man—the Pope. This explains the silence of Pope Pius XII during the Order’s Eurasian “burnt offering” of Jews via Himmler’s SS—secretly commanded by the Bavarian German Jesuit and Pius’s confessor, Robert Leiber. The Black Pope’s Second Thirty Years’ War (1914-1945) consolidated all political power into the hands of the Order; the Cold War (including the Berlin Airlift intended by both Masons Stalin and Truman to distract attention away from the Order’s Vatican Ratlines including ODESSA) was a mop-up of Europe and build-up of Soviet Russia, China and the Moslem world in preparation for this new Third Thirty Years’ War—the Black Pope’s “War on Terror”—, he now controlling both sides of the conflict.

Q: Many people believe that the plan for the New World Order dates back to ancient times and say that the Jesuit’s are only 500 years old. What do you have to say about this?

I would agree that Satan’s plot for the New World Order—world government of all nations under the rule of his chosen world dictator—has been in the making since the literal Fall of Adam. (Genesis 3.) The AV1611 Bible calls this “the mystery of iniquity.” (II Thess. 2:7.) However, with the Lord’s Reformation brought about by means of Luther, we have the devil’s subsequent Counter-Reformation brought about by means of Loyola. Thus, Satan has sought to consolidate all occult power into the hands of his “Black Pope.” This includes all Freemasonry, the Crusading Orders including the Priory of Zion (said by one of the author’s of Holy Blood, Holy Grail to have been taken over by the Jesuits in 1619), the Templars (high-level Masons), the Hospitallers (Knights of Malta) and the German Teutonic Knights—revived as Himmler’s SS.

Further, Satan has always sought to rule the world through ONE MAN. This was evidenced in his temptation of Jesus Christ when the Lord was offered all the kingdoms of the world if He would but worship the devil. (Luke 4:5-6.) And further, since we live in “the times of the Gentiles,” we can expect to see Gentiles at the pinnacle of world power, Masonic Jews merely serving them. This is in accord with Luke 21:24 and Deuteronomy 28:43-44, 64-68. As long as Jerusalem is under Gentile rule, via “the times of the Gentiles”—specifically White Gentiles for the last five hundred years—these devil-worshipping Gentiles will rule the banking and politics of the world until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to then rule Jerusalem and thus the world by Himself, “for he must reign till he hath put all enemies under his feet.” (I Cor. 15:25; Psalm 110:1)

Q: Is it true that many of the world’s leaders from dictators to presidents have been trained by Jesuits and if so could you tell us some of the people in positions of power that have been trained by Jesuits?

Yes. The list is huge. Here are a few. Marx was tutored by Jesuits in the British Museum for nearly thirty years; Lenin and Mussolini were both trained by Jesuits when in Geneva—the Order’s international banking haven for which reason Switzerland never goes to war; Stalin was trained by Jesuits while in the Tiflis Orthodox Seminary in Georgia—openly admitted by “Koba” himself to journalist and Masonic Jew Emil Ludwig (Cohen). Fidel Castro was trained by Jesuits for seven years in Cuba, was put in power by the CIA, and advised by a Jesuit, Fr. Armando Llorente, during the revolution. Masonic Douglas MacArthur was trained by Jesuits according to an Army Colonel who personally knew him. Masonic Lyndon Johnson was trained by Jesuits at Georgetown University for a time, as was “the graduate” President Bill Clinton. Don Shula of the Miami Dolphins was Jesuit-trained along with Denzel Washington, that traitor to his own Black people. The star of Mash was Jesuit-trained while Martin Sheen (who changed his name after the name of Cold Warrior Bishop Fulton Sheen) has taken Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises and recently dedicated a new library at the Order’s Marquette University. John C. Gannon, the real father of the Order’s Department of Homeland Security (our American Gestapo) was a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and is affiliated with Georgetown University while an ex-CIA officer and CFR member. Pat Buchanan, a Knight of Malta (SMOM), is affiliated with Jesuit John McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Group, and was Jesuit-trained at Georgetown, as was SMOM and former CIA Director, Geoge J. Tenet—the man in charge of bringing down the WTC and attack on the Pentagon via a Cruise missile. This is one of the connections, along with SMOM Rudolf Guiliani, that enables us to connect the Archbishop of New York, Edward Cardinal Egan, to 911 and thus Bush’s “War on Terror.” Chris Matthews of Hardball was Jesuit-trained at College of the Holy Cross, he serving for many years as the assistant for another Jesuit-trained Coadjutor and Kennedy assassin, Speaker of the House and Jesuit Boston College trustee, Thomas “Tip” O’Neill. The head of the Pope’s Federal Reserve Bank of New York—where all of the nation’s gold is in storage thanks to FDR’s gift of our Ft. Knox gold to the Fed according to “the man who opened Ft. Knox,” the late Roman Catholic Washington attorney Dr. Peter Beter—is CFR President Peter G. Peterson, holding an honorary doctorate from Georgetown University. Even JFK attended Georgetown for a while as well as the Order’s Fabian Socialist London School of Economics. (The Order prepared him for the presidency, obtained his “election,” and then killed him for being a disobedient “tyrant and a usurper.”) Indeed, the Jesuits train or influence those who will rule on their behalf. The State Department is full of those having graduated from the Order’s School of Foreign Service started by Jesuit Edmund A. Walsh—the master of both military tribunals after WWII and backer of Jesuit-trained inquisitor Joseph McCarthy. AGain Wylie writes on p. 388:

“Wherever the Jesuits have planted missions, opened seminaries, and established colleges, they have been careful to inculcate these principles in the minds of the youth; thus sowing the seeds of future tumults, revolutions [the Black Civil Rights movement], regicides [the murder of JFK], and wars [the Vietnam War].”

Q: It has been said that the Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, was trained by Jesuits. But many point out that Adam Weishaupt defected from the Christianity. If this is so how are the Jesuits connected to the Illuminati?

The Jesuits are the masters of conspiratorial history. Their agents are always in place to re-direct those who discover the conspiracy for a world government. One of their greatest deceptions is to divert the seeker into blaming Freemasonry and thus the Jews exclusively. This tenet sits at the heart of one the Order’s most effective lies—that Adam Weishaupt was a Jew (contrary to the Order’s Constitutions until 1946), that he defected from the Jesuit Order (as he had been an instructor of Canon Law and Jesuit “Moral Theology” at Ingolstat College in Bavaria—Bavaria being the Company’s mightiest stronghold north of the Alps) and that his founding of the Illuminati was completely free of Jesuit influence. The historians who espouse this position are Jesuit Abbe Barruel in his History of the French Revolution and Roman Catholic Nesta Webster in her several works, including Secret Societies and Subversive Movements. Both Masonic Hitler and Masonic Stalin—those Jesuit jackhammers who collaborated in the destruction of the Orthodox Russian and German-Prussian people—held to this Jesuit lie. Masonic Winston Churchill, the Fabian Socialist destroyer of the Protestant British Empire and Protestant Dresden (he commanding “Bomber Harris” who created the horrible firestorm and incineration of Protestant Germans) also promoted this Jesuitism, blaming the Bolshevik Revolution on those “godless Bolshevik Jews.” Jesuit Coadjutor Father Charles Coughlin did the same as do the new Father Coughlins—Texe Marrs, Michael Collins Piper, Daryl Bradford Smith, Hal Turner, Louis Farrakhan and host of others too numerous to number. F. Tupper Saussy is quite right however when he stated in his Rulers of Evil that Weishaupt was under orders of Jesuit General Lorenzo Ricci. Weishaupt, who as “Spartacus,” never left the Order, and openly led the revolt of the Pope’s Jesuit “slaves.”

The Order has been extremely careful to keep their guiding “black hand” out of sight in the histories covering both the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution. At this moment, we are suffering from approximately one hundred years of Rockefeller-funded, CFR-backed, censored history. The same has been done with the histories of the Jesuit General’s Second Thirty Years’s War (1914-1945). Masonic Jewish Zionist and CFR-member William L. Shirer authored The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich—eliminating all papal collaboration in the rise of Hitler while refusing to name Himmler’s Jesuit minions throughout the SS, including Dr. Richard Korherr (the “traditionalist” Roman Catholic who tabulated Himmler’s secret totals of murdered Jews for Bavarian German Jesuit and confessor to Pius XII, Robert Leiber) and Edmund Veesenmayer (Hitler’s overseer of the Jesuit and Franciscian-led Ustachis murdering one million Jews and Serbs in Croatia), as well as Walter Rauff (who worked with the Jesuits personally in helping SS men escape Europe through the Brenner Pass into Italy) and Josef Mengele (Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death,” nicknamed “Father Mengele” while at the Frankfurt University Institute of Hereditary Biology and Racial Hygiene). The British Hugh Trevor-Roper in his work Hitler’s Last Days has done the same.

Q: Who are the Knights of Malta and how do they tie into all of this?

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (the Knights of Malta—SMOM) is an international secret society composed of the world’s Black Nobility as well as top bankers, businessmen, politicians and intelligence operatives. Some of the names you might recognize are Pennsylvania US Senator Rick Santoram; William J. McDonough, CFR-member and former head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank; Alexander Haig, Jr., whose brother Francis is a powerful Jesuit; George J. Tenet, John McCone and William “Wild Bill” Donovan—all former heads of the CIA; William F. Buckley, CFR member, CIA officer—Kennedy assassin—and former head of National Review; Cartha De Loach, former Assistant FBI Director—and Kennedy assassin; Henry Luce—Kennedy assassin—, the late head of Time-Life and commander of Order’s Rockefeller Center adjacent to the SMOM headquartrers in the US, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Elmer Bobst, the founder of Warner Lambert pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer), was the godfather of the Nixion presidency and upon his death donated much of his estate to the Archbishop of New York; John DeGioia, CFR member and President of Jesuit Georgetown University; Prescott Bush, Sr., and Prescott Bush, Jr., as well as George H. W. Bush who entertained the Grand Master of the Order, Andrew Bertie, at the White House in 1988. Mikhail Gorbachev, former head of the KGB and negotiator with President George H. W. Bush at the Island of Malta thus ending the Cold War in 1989 (the Knights of Malta hosting that eventful meeting). Others are Sir St. John Philby, a British SIS agent and Wahhabi member of the Saudi royal court having created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 building the Black Pope’s international oil monopoly; son Kim Philby, that dear friend of SMOM James Angleton who was British MI6, CIA and KGB officer; and Anatoli M. Golitsin, KGB officer and collaborator with Angleton in betraying hundreds of CIA operatives into the hands of the Holy Ofice of the Inquisiton’s KGB. Other Knights of Malta have been and are Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., (America’s first Black SMOM), Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan (honorary) and Bob Hope, all of them being sexual perverts involved with CIA mind-controlled sex slaves. Other Dames of Malta are Clare Boothe Luce—Kennedy assassin and former Ambassador to Italy under Eisenhower, Archbishop Spellman’s WWII Crusader; and Phyllis Schlafley, the psuedo-conservative pundit building the right-wing fascist dictatorship along with Fox News Network’s Knight of St. Gregory (probable SMOM) and CFR member Rupert Murdoch. Rupert is also good friends with another brother CFR member, Masonic Jewish Zionist George Soros!

The Knights were driven from Malta by the Order’s Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798, after he stole all their treasures and weapons for the invasion of Egypt. The Knights were given refuge in Russia under Tzar Paul I at which time the Jesuit General then resident in Russia subordinated the Knights to his Order. Since that time the SMOM of Russia have never been expelled. Before and after the Bolshevik Revolution, the Knights conducted business through the Grace-Russian Trading Company, controlled by the Grand Master’s American and Russian branches. Today the Knights control the Black Pope’s unified International Intelligence Community (Russia’s SVR, American CIA, German BND, Britain’s SIS, China’s SIS, Israel’s Mossad, Pakistan’s ISI, INTERPOL, etc.); the Black Pope’s International Banking Community (Rockefeller, Morgan and Rothschild interests); the Order’s International Drug Trade (protected by the DEA by eliminating outside oppositon); the International Organized Crime Syndicate (Japanese Yakuza, Sicilian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Israeli Mafia, American Mafia, etc., which launders its trillions in blood money through the Order’s International Banking Community) and of course the Black Pope’s International Masonic Islamic Terrorist Network financed by the Black Pope’s International Oil Syndicate and Drug Trade. Fidel Castro is also subject to SMOM Grand Master, Andrew Bertie. King Juan Carlos of Spain—the King of Jerusalem—is a Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta and visitor of the Bushes at their ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Q: What is the Opus Dei and how they figure into things?

Opus Dei is an extreme, right wing, ultramontane, traditionalist, pro-Council of Trent, anti-Vatican II, arm of the Jesuit Order. Its members can be found in every walk of life, for they are Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors in the final analysis. Founded in 1928 in Spain by Jesuit-educated Josemaria Escriva, it played an important role in overthrowing the Spanish Republic having expelled the Order in 1932 and having shut down all the convents after thousands of baby skeletons had been discovered. Opus Dei participated in the Pope’s Vatican Ratlines which evacuated top Nazis to South America. Chile’s late, pro-nazi President, Augusto Pinochet’s personal secretary was a member of Opus Dei; the Heritage Foundation has Opus Dei members along with SMOM; America’s greatest spy, Robert Philip Hanssen, was Opus Dei, Hanssen in fact being at apex of the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community working for the FBI, CIA, NSA and the KGB as did the arch traitor and SMOM CIA counterintelligence chief, James Jesus Angleton—the real mole in the CIA! Opus Dei was involved in the Vatican Bank Scandal and has been implicated in the murder of Roberto Calvi according to Italian authorities. Opus Dei, “the work of God,” serves the Jesuit Superior General Peter Hans Kolvenbach “for the greater glory of God,” the God who sits in St. Peter’s Chair.

Q: What are the origins of the Society of Jesus/Jesuits?

The Society of Jesus/Company of Jesus originated with a Gentile Spanish nobleman and member of the Alumbrados, Don Ignatius Loyola, on August 15, 1534. There in the subterranean chapel of the Church of Montmartre, Paris, Loyola and his nine followers vowed to wage war against the Moslem Saracens of the East. (This doctrine has much to do with the Pope’s present “War on Terror,” called a “Crusade” by Skull and Bones Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, President George W. Bush. The Order used Masonic Napoleon for the same purpose when he invaded Egypt in 1799, ultimately killing all the Islamic Mamelukes.) In 1540 the Company (i.e., Loyola and his nine followers) was brought into the Roman Papacy by Pope Paul III via a papal bull. Although legally subject to the Pope, the Order is a “Church within a Church;” “a jurisdiction within a jurisdiction,” as Sir William Blackstone has described it. A recent illustration of the relationship between the Company and the Papacy is found in the working order between the Nazi party and the SS. Hitler played the part of the Pope; Bormann (Hitler’s “Brown Eminence”) played the part of the Cardinal Secretary of State; and the Nazi Hierarchy was patterned after the Roman Hierarchy. Outside of this Nazi political power was the SS. Himmler was the Jesuit General; his SS Generals acting as his “Jesuit Assistants;” his SS being dressed in Black as the Jesuits have been called “the men in black,” which title was used in the Order’s Hollywood movie, Men In Black starring that Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Tommy Lee Jones—another intimate friend of Jesuit Georgetown University graduate and CFR member, William Jefferson Clinton, the Order’s “Crusader” against the Orthodox Serbian people.

Q: From your research, what do you believe is the goal of the Jesuits?

The goal of the Company of Jesus is to consoldate all of the world’s wealth (including all land and labor) and all power (both spiritual and temporal) into their hands. By these means, the Order then seeks to compel all nations to submit to the earthly government of the Roman “White Pope.” J. A. Wylie wrote in his nineteenth century release, The History of Protestantism, Vol. II, Book Fifteen, pp. 387, 388, 393, 398, 412 and 399, concerning the Jesuits:

“An army to conquer the world, Loyola was forming. . . . The General is the society. . . . he could enkindle them with fanaticism, inspire them with a Luciferian ambition, and so pervert and indurate their souls by evil maxims, and long and rigorous training, that they should be insensible to shame and pain, and would welcome suffering and death. Such were the weapons of the men he sent forth to the battle. . . . But, further, these sons of Loyola are the kings of the world, and the sole heirs of all its wealth, honours, and pleasures; and whatever law, custom, sacred and venerable office, august and kingly authority, may stand between them and their rightful lordship over mankind, they are at liberty to throw down and tread into the dust as a vile and accursed thing. The moral maxims of the Jesuits are to be put in force against kings as well as against peasants. . . . they will be the lords of its lands and palaces, the masters of the bodies and the souls of its inhabitants, and nothing of all that the heart can desire will be withholden from them if only they will obey him [the Jesuit General]. . . . What a harvest of plots, tumults, seditions, revolutions, torturings, poisonings, assassinations, regicides, and massacres has Christendom reaped from the seed sown by the Jesuits! Nor can we be sure that we have yet seen the last and greatest of their crimes.”

Ignatius himself declared the purpose of the Order was to:

“. . . win to God [the Pope of Rome], not only a single nation, a single country, but all nations, all the kingdoms of the world.”

That earthly government is to be centered in Jerusalem, within the rebuilt Temple of Solomon—the Third Hebrew Temple. Loyola first sought to take Jerusalem from the Moslems when he made his trek to that city prior to creating the Order. (Michael Cervantes, a Spaniard himself, satirically characterized Ignatius via his infamous creation of “the madman,” Don Quixote.) As the Order sought to rule the world from Jerusalem then, so does it now. This is in complete accord with Bible prophecy declaring that the final end time Satan-possessed dictator—“the beast”—will rule the world from Jerusalem’s Third Hebrew Temple for forty-two months prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, He then to sit on the throne of his father David ruling the world for one thousand years.

Q: How did you get involved in researching the Jesuits?

There were three issues that drove me to discover, further understand and know the Jesuits. The first was the assassination of President Kennedy. On that day, when in the fourth grade, I saw my teacher whom I loved, the feminine and kind-hearted Miss Beals, come into the classroom, blowing her nose and sobbing. She then told us the president had been shot and was dead. Such utter helplessness I felt at that moment, seeing my beloved teacher comfortless, deeply affected me. Later, my swim teacher at the YMCA, Jack Bath, was killed in Vietman. When I told my guitar teacher, Dan Boyd, of Jack’s death in beginning one of my lessons, Dan bitterly cried and dismissed me as Jack hd been one of his students: Dan had a portrait of each of us on his wall seated with our personal guitars. I waited a good twenty minutes in an adjacent room and could her the sobs of the tall, cleft-palleted man I also deeply loved. These bitter emotional wounds were buried but never healed.

Then one day, years later in Bible college, the second issue arose. My history instructor, Dr. Rembert Carter, gave a class on the Jesuit assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Dr. Carter was rated third in the nation for his knowledge of history, earning his Ph.D from Edinburgh University at the young age of about twenty-five. I then concluded that if the Order could murder Lincoln and get away with the crime, what about JFK?

The third issue was the attack on the Reformation Bible for English-speaking people, the Authorized Version of 1611. Many at school were reading from the New International Version and the New American Standard Version which I did not really object to—until I discovered that an entirely different Greek Text, a pro-Jerome’s Latin Vulgate Greek text, was employed as the foundation for these new “bibles.” With the Sons of Loyola behind the Lincoln and JFK assassinations, could they also be the masters behind all the new versions? Later, I learned that Jesuit Carlo Cardinal Martini was on the translation committee for the NIV. These connections drove me to prove the Order was the master behind the murder of JFK and thus the Vietnam War, called “Cardinal Spellman’s War.”

Q: Could you tell us more about the Jesuit’s founder, Ignatius Loyola?

Ignatius Loyola was a soldier with a will of steel. Although the greatest enemy of the Lord’s Bible-believing Church given spiritual and temporal liberty as a result of the risen Son of God’s grand and glorious Protestant Reformation preached by the bold and brave, Bible-believing Martin Luther, Loyola is worthy of respect even as his master, the devil, is worthy of respect (Jude 9). Wounded at the battle of Pampeluna during which he commanded the Spanish forces against the French—he refusing to surrender in the face of certain defeat—, Ignatius suffered a shattered leg from a canon ball. The French commander, ordered his own surgeon to attend the valiant warrior after which Ignatius was taken back to his family castle of Loyola. Upon the leg healing, when the courtier began to walk he discovered the leg was shorter than the other. Determined to remedy the imperfection, LOYOLA ORDERED HIS LEG TO BE BROKEN AGAIN and surgically repaired, including the SAWING OFF of a protruding bone. Without crying out, he endured the torture only to find that he was still a cripple, unable to wear the courtier’s high knee boots. At this, he constructed a RACK upon which he ordered the streching of the leg. Enduring weeks of yet another torture, he finally accepted his fate—that he would remain a limping cripple for life. His subsequent demon-possession in writing The Spiritual Exercises and the Order’s absolutist Constitutions (later perfected by General Aquaviva and thoroughly condemned by the French government in the 1760s), pale in comparison to this will of relentless determination. It is this trait, subordinated to the will of the Black Pope and tempered with absolute obedience produced by The Spiritual Exercises, that has characterized the infamous Jesuit Order.  


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By Greg Szymanski, JD