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How & Why I Took the Vatican and Jesuits Head On

Jesuit Treachery and Vatican Concordats

Most people have no idea the Jesuits and the Vatican are the puppet masters controlling the world leaders. They also have no idea what a Concordat really entails. Greg looks at both issues.

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WW3 Imminent, Children Killed For Black Market Organ Transplants

Greg usually likes to talk about the Jesuits and Vatican who are the puppet masters, but says there is so much disaster and chaos going on today there is really no time. “If you haven’t got it by now its too late! Just say some prayers and hope for the best and prepare for the worst. “he says.

No Christian Outcry Over Satanic Goat Children’s Video Game

The Goat Simulator video game rewards children for becoming satanic goats but killing five victims in the Goat pentagram. I am sure it will be on everybody’s Christmas list this year. Greg also discusses the new form of Human Control Technology.

The Secret Rules of the Jesuits

Masters of deception and control, these Secret Rules of Jesuits are important to understand. They show how the Jesuits operate behind the scenes and what their true intentions are all about. Also, a look at the division among the Jesuits during the years of 1942-1972.

A Satanic Video Game on the Market, It’s theme: Blood for a Blood Goat!

The Vatican led NWO is after your children big time, now playing Satanic mind games like never before, using the video game market as their new tool.

This was sent to me by a listener  and I am going to post it in its entirety. The game hit the market three years ago and is called Goat Simulator. Apparently, the game starts off in an innocent fashion but quickly turns satanic once a child keeps improving his gaming skills.

Here is the message sent to me by a listener:

We downloaded this game called GOAT SIMULATOR:

All the info/title page etc look completely harmless, and to be honest we had a lot of fun and laughs playing for several days.

Its VERY FUNNY… you are a goat and can wander around and do all kinds of funny things, jumping on trampolines, flying around with jetpacks and all kinds of hilarious stuff. I really enjoyed it and we laughed a lot playing it, it seemed exactly the kind of game I like; unstructured, free to roam around and explore, lots of secret things to discover, etc. 

But then one day I was watching him play and he discovered THIS hidden in the trees:
Goat 1
…At first I didn’t know quite what to think, but I went to do some research, and it turns out that THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME IS TO CREATE A SATANIC RITUAL!!!!

You have to bring 5 people into this circle and SACRIFICE THEM. As you do this the circle and pentagram start to glow:

Once you get 5 people, you become a SATAN-GOAT:

GoAt 2 
By the time I figured this out my son was already ahead of me and has completed this, and was running around as the demon goat.

I told him to delete the game and explained exactly why.

…[T]here is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to indicate that the game has any such elements in it until you are deep into the game. 

It looks totally innocent, and is marketed as a silly, harmless app for kids that is just fun and silly.

Then they twist and it is 100% Satanic.

Pretty much. Since this game has been out for a few years now, to the point it has four sequels, you’d figure there would have already been an enormous outcry against it from Christian family groups putting us all on notice that such things exist lurking behind the façade of children’s games. You’d be wrong. In fact you’ll find not one word from any of them.

Video Game Industry Shameless & Unapologetic

And what of the video game industry? Are they embarrassed? Have they apologized? Are they desperately trying to explain away why they created the ability to perform a Satanic ritualistic simulation in a children’s game? Hardly. Instead, gamer websites freely discuss the Satanic ritual in the game and players have even posted video footage of it on YouTube, which is apparently just a-ok with anti-Christian bigotry.

One gamer site, GamesRadar, even shamelessly explains how to perform the Satanic ritual:

You’ll need to sacrifice 5 living beings on the red pentagram to unlock this achievement and gain demonic goat powers. The quickest and easiest way is to first enter the door at the top of Goat Tower in your spawn field and hop on to the throne until you respawn outside with goat minion summoning powers. Now all you need to do is stand on the pentagram and summon 5 goat carcasses to become Devil Goat.

Popular gamer site IGN also tells kids how to unlock the devil goat:

Activating Devil Goat

Method 1. To unveil your goat’s demonic aspect, drag five humans to the pentagram hidden in the corner of the woods beyond the large blue water slides. Once all five are within the circle, they will be sucked together and sacrificed, transforming your goat into an evil super goat.

Method 2. Become “King of the Goats” (see guide below) then press “r” key five times to drop goats from the sky. Once all five have dropped, they will be sucked together and you will be transformed into an evil super goat.

The Satanic Goat exudes a misty exhalation as a Special attack. When used, the mist performs warping gravity effects on its target. Holding down the Special key with the tongue extended can cause Satanic Goat to engage in semi-controlled flight.

The site Gamepedia describes the “Infernal Throne” located in the game:
Goat 4
The Infernal Throne is a location in GoatVille.

Inside the Goat Tower is a throne room filled with goats who bow to you as you enter. At the end of the room is a glowing red throne built out of goat and human skulls. Sitting on the throne applies the Goat Queen mutator and teleports you back out of the tower.

After you sit on the Infernal Throne, you then wear a Satanic mask:
Goat 5As if this weren’t enough, there were apparently Goat Simulator trading cards manufactured by a company called “Steam.” One of them is the blasphemous “Three Horned Goat Jesus.” The card’s description reads, “At the dawn of goat history there was a three horned goat that liberated the flock from the oppressive sheep. Her name was Jesus.

Ridicule of Christian Faith in the Supernatural
Evidenced by the long history of selling Ouija boards in United States toy stores, anything related to the demonic is laughed off as harmless fairy tales by our modern society. It has now gotten to the point that Swedish creators of Goat Simulator supposedly saw a Satanic ritual involving human sacrifice as something fitting for an alleged comedic video game targeted towards children. Is this how low the Faith has ebbed in Sweden? I think we know the answer.

Yet neither the Swedish creators of the game, nor Apple, Android, Xbox, or PlayStation, have had the honesty to come out and advertise what kind of sickening, offensive, and anti-Christian content lurks behind the surface of a “game” they market to children. If they see nothing wrong with Satanic sacrifice and consider it an endearing joke suitable for kids why not put it right on the cover, or mention it in the description? Because like the diabolical character they place in their video games, they want to get into our children’s heads through the backdoor. They know no parent in their right mind would buy a Satanic video game for their 9 year old, so instead they profit off of deceit and subterfuge.

I’m hoping to help destroy this conspiracy of silence regarding this game through wide circulation of this article. I therefore ask you to make this article known far and wide to your Christian relatives and friends to put them on guard as to the bait and switch these video game merchants are playing with our children’s souls. In addition, please feel free to let Coffee Stain StudiosApple, and any other platform which sells this filth know what you think about their video game and their dishonesty.

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Investigative Journal Special Report

Greg explains the predicament people are in but most don’t care. A word  to the wise: Don’t believe a damn thing your government, Vatican or top religious leaders around the world are saying.

Click on the Special Report below and then listen to the short 3 minute YOU TUBE video.



Vatican High Level DC Porn Priest and Diplomat Flees to Vatican City to Avoid Prosecution.

A top level Vatican priest and Washington DC diplomat has been charged with child pornography but has been whisked away to the Vatican before US prosecutors could get their hands on him. Isn’t it interesting the Vatican does not enter into extradition treaties with other countries despite having treaties and concordats with more than 200 countries.

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - MAY 04: Pope Francis holds his General Weekly Audience in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, Vatican.

VATICAN CITY — A high-ranking priest working in the Vatican’s embassy in Washington has been recalled after U.S. prosecutors asked for him to be charged there and face trial in a child pornography investigation, Vatican and U.S. officials said Friday.

The diplomat was suspected of possessing, but not producing or disseminating, child pornography including images of pre-pubescent children, a U.S. source familiar with the case said. The source was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Vatican declined to identify the priest, but said he was currently in Vatican City and that Vatican prosecutors had launched their own probe.

If the accusations pan out, the case would be a major embarrassment for the Vatican and Pope Francis, who has pledged “zero tolerance” for sexual abuse. The diplomat would be the second from the Vatican’s diplomatic corps to face possible criminal charges for such crimes during Francis’ papacy. Any trial in the Vatican would come as Francis’ own financial czar, Cardinal George Pell, is on trial in his native Australia for alleged historic sex abuse cases.

The State Department said it had asked the Vatican to lift the official’s diplomatic immunity on Aug. 21. It said that request was denied three days later. For the State Department to make such a request, its lawyers would have needed to be convinced that there was reasonable cause for criminal prosecution.

The circumstances that prompted prosecutors to make the request, however, weren’t clear. The Justice Department, which would have brought any charges, did not immediately comment.

In a statement, the Vatican said the U.S. State Department had notified the Vatican on Aug. 21 of a “possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images” by one of its diplomats in Washington.

A U.S. official familiar with the case said the priest was a senior member of the Vatican embassy staff. The Vatican yearbook lists three counselors who work under the nuncio, or ambassador.

The Vatican said recalling the priest was consistent with diplomatic practice of sovereign states. In declining to identify him, the Vatican said the case was subject to confidentiality while still under investigation. It said the Vatican had asked for information about the case from the U.S; it wasn’t clear if any had been provided.

The Vatican has recalled envoys before — including its former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, who was recalled in 2013 after being accused of sexually abusing young boys on the Caribbean island.

The Vatican justified its decision to remove Monsignor Jozef Wesolowski from Dominican jurisdiction by submitting him first to a canonical court proceeding at the Vatican, and then putting him on trial in the Vatican’s criminal court, which has jurisdiction over the Holy See’s diplomatic corps.

Wesolowski was defrocked by the church court. But he died before the criminal trial got underway.

Dominican prosecutors initially balked at the recall, and they never filed charges because of his immunity.

The Vatican doesn’t have extradition treaties.

After he was defrocked, Wesolowski lost his diplomatic immunity and the Vatican said he could be tried by other courts. However, it refused to provide Dominican authorities with information about his whereabouts or how even he had pleaded to the charges.

The Vatican spokesman said he wouldn’t preclude if the diplomat’s case would also be referred to prosecutors in its canonical tribunal.