Send the Left to China Where They Belong

Greg on First Amendment Radio Greg covers all the comedy bases about the craziness going on in the world. Don’t miss the show and have a few needed laughs as it is the best medicine in the world.

The Greg Anthony Show 9/18/20 CRN Channel 3

Catch Greg’s Show every Mon through Fri 7 to 8pm pac time. He is not on the Left or Right but somewhere out there exposing all the lies we have been told all our lives.

The Greg Anthony Show CRN Channel 3 9/17/20

It is a laugh a minute on The Greg Anthony Show tonight. Don’t miss it.

The Greg Anthony Show CRN Channel 3 9/16/20

Greg was named Covid 19 comic of the year but his mail in vote win has been contested. Is this what could happen Nov 3 and America is left for months or years without a leader?

Breaking the Curse on America and Gen. Slats Grobnik 9/17/20

Greg updates the plight of Gen. Slats Grobnik and the only revolution that  will work in the US.

Miseducation Root of America’s Problem 9/16/20

Greg looks at the problem with education as well as how to break the occult spell on America.


The Greg Anthony Show CRN Channel 3 9/15/20

Don’t miss this show and what you do not get on the mainstream.

Remembering Mass 2017 Shooting at Texas First Baptist Church

Greg talks about the importance of preserving the 2nd Amendment against the mob.

Navy Capt. Court Martialed for Praying in Jesus’ Name

Greg highlights the story of a brave Navy Chaplain who stood up for freedom of religion. In the second half hour Greg highlights doctors who have bravely called Covid 19 a big lie. 

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The Greg Anthony Show 9/8/20 CRN Channel 3