Vatican Never Apologized for Duplessis Orphans Tortures and Deaths

Between the 1940s and 1960s, when the Roman Catholic Church dominated life in Canada’s Quebec, the provincial government committed horrible crimes against orphaned children. MK-Ultra CIA experiments killed thousands of children and the US government was complicit.



Did Jesuits Mastermind with Vatican Complicity their Own Demise in the late 1700s

Greg looks back at the many Jesuit expulsion from countries and possible theories behind them as well as looking at how Fake News really isn’t something new.


The Vatican/Jesuit Theatrical Show Called American Politics

Greg is back and tells why he has a laugh every time he turns on the TV or gets on the Internet.

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Just got out of surgery and will be laid up for two weeks. Hernia or sports hernia operation from old football injuries, painful as hell and pretty expensive. I could use assistance for surgical bills due to the surgery…. Hopefully back in two weeks, doctor said one month…my insurance only covered half …


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The Winds of World War Just Starting To Blow

World War 3 WARNING: ‘We are ready for ANYTHING’ US General reveals as WAR looms in Syria

A NUCLEAR conflict between Russia and the US is “inevitable” because Vladimir Putin will never “accept any kind of defeat”, an ex-Soviet general has warned.

-Russian WARSHIPS on way to Syria as part of MILITARY buildup amid World War 3 fears

-Russia’s Putin predicts global ‘chaos’ if West hits Syria again

-4000 US Troops Launch Massive Military Drill On Edge Of Syria

– Russia Sends Warship Allegedly Carrying Military Hardware to Syria

– More sanctions against Russia to be announced on Monday

– Israel sets red line for Russia

Syria AIRSTRIKE – Military responding to ‘ISRAELI ATTACK’ in Damascus and Homs – DAILY NEWS

Daily News

SYRIA’S air-defences have been firing at “unidentified objects” over Damascus in what is believed to be an Israel airstrike, it has been r

Israeli Missiles Shot Down Over Syria

Isralei News Live

Israeli Missiles Shot Down Over Syria hours later load explosions heard near the Israel’s border in the Golan. Russian stationed at the airbase Israel targeted.

Russian general warns ‘Putin will NOT accept defeat and nuclear war is INEVITABLE’ – DAILY NEWS

Daily News

A NUCLEAR conflict between Russia and the US is “inevitable” because Vladimir Putin will never “accept any kind of defeat”, an ex-Soviet general has warned.

Russia warns of global chaos-Israel sets red line for Russia-China Plans Live-Fire Exercises

Evangelist Dina Amelia Kalmeta


– Russia cannot limit Israel’s actions in Syria: Lieberman

– Danger of miscalculation: Escalation over Syria could lead to major conflict

– China Plans Live-Fire Exercises In Taiwan Strait, As Xi Reviews Navy

BREAKING: Syria AIRSTRIKE – Military responding to ‘ISRAELI ATTACK’ in Damascus and Homs

Jim Yackel

U.S. Tanks in Europe Get Invisible Futuristic Missile Shield to Counter Russian Threat

Jim Yackel

The missile shield known as Trophy, this is the world’s first and only fully operational Active Protection System and Hostile Fire Detection System for armored vehicles…


Heads Up, Huge Backlash! China Condemns Syria Attack Stands Firmly With Russia Plus Russian TV Prepares Viewers for War – Putin Warns US of Consequences (Videos) click here


‘EXPLOSION’ at ISRAELI held area of Golan Heights near Syria border after AIRSTRIKE


There have been reports of a significant explosion, according to local reports.

It comes immediately after Syrian state TV confirmed an airstrike hit had hit several bases.

Syria state television has confirmed its air defences are repelling attacks in the country’s Homs region.

The military announced at around 1.10am local time (11.10pm GMT) that it had fired missiles towards the Shay’rat Airbase, to the south-east of Homs, and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate.

Several reporters in the area claim the airstrike was carried out by Israeli fighter jets flying at high altitude after crossing the borders through Lebanon.

The Pentagon said there is “no US military activity near Homs at this time”.

It is unclear at this time what the explosion is or if anyone was hurt.

Only days earlier on April 14 Israel had closed the airspace over Golan Heights after US-led strikes hit Syria.


Syria Israel attack explosion airstrike Golan Heights USA UK France Iran Russia

Syria: Israel targeted the T4 base on April 9

The strikes saw US, UK and France that saw over 100 missiles launched from US ships and UK Tornado fighter-bombers.

It was intended to disable the country’s use of chemical weapons after it allegedly used chlorine against rebels in Douma, eastern Ghouta on April 7.

There were also reports of covert airstrikes carried out by Israeli forces at Iranian bases in the Jabal Azzan region south of Aleppo last weekend.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on April 15 over Iran’s presence in Syria.

Referring to Iran, the Israeli PM called on Western powers to take the same approach toward preventing “#terroriststates” acquiring nuclear weapons.

The premier said he spoke with British Prime Minister Theresa May late on April 14 following the strikes.

Describing the discussion with May, Mr Netanyahu said: “The important international message that came from the attack was zero tolerance for the use of non-conventional weapons.”

On April 9 seven Iranian personnel killed among 14 deaths in an early-morning strike on the T4 base in Syria.

Iran and Russia blamed Israel for the attack, but Israel has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility.

The Express