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Spike Protein Dr. Dracula Fauci’s Wants to Put His Medical Fangs Into YOU! –

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Injections Start Process of Trans-Humanism

By altering the human genome, and preparing humanity for the transition to Human 2.0.The goal is to create a new breed of humans, that can be easily controlled by artificial intelligence in the Cloud

Now, of course, the elite bloodlines will remain in tact, remain as the human embodiment of evil. They will live in their ivory towers, controlling the new species half man half cyborg they created. It started with the kill shot spike protein and progressed from there.

Sounds like science fiction, but it is real folks and looks what happens to people who try to save humanity. This article was sent to us and worth reading.

Dr. Carrie Madej almost died in private plane crash
By David Sorensen
One of the world’s foremost physicians who fight for the freedom and preservation of humanity, nearly lost her life in a devastating aircraft accident
Dear Freedom Warriors,
Today I received news that our dear friend and phenomenal world leading freedom fighter doctor Carrie Madej was involved in a plane crash, which almost killed her. After testifying in court for a fellow medical freedom fighter Dr. Paul Gosselin, she took off in a private plane with her partner Billy. Shortly after take off the engine malfunctioned, and they crash landed in a nearby field.Dr. Madej has several fractures, for which she received surgery today, and Billy has skull and back fractures. Praise God they are both alive, but I am asking all of you for prayers.As many know, Dr. Carrie Madej is one of the forefront medical professionals who has been warning humanity about the nefarious trans-humanist agenda behind the imposed vaccines.Dr. Madej has attended medical conferences where she heard the proverbial ‘crazy, evil professors’ outline their agenda to end humanity and replace us with with cyborgs: a new form of human that is part technological, part biological. This greatly alarmed her and launched her on a 20 year investigation to uncover these diabolical plans of the criminalized medical establishments.She revealed how the injections start the process of trans-humanism, by altering the human genome, and preparing humanity for the transition to Human 2.0.The goal is to create a new breed of humans, that can be easily controlled by artificial intelligence in the Cloud, and through different types of signals and frequencies. This agenda is confirmed by the whistleblower Alex Thompson, former officer from the British Secret Service Agency, in the Grand Jury Evidence 1.
We were the very first ones in the world to interview Dr. Carrie Madej, and we made the world renowned documentary THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY with her.Dr. Madej stayed for four days in our filming studio, where we made this film that went viral like crazy. It was translated in dozens of languages, waking up hundreds of millions worldwide.She made several predictions and gave dire warnings about the injections, most of which have already come true, making this video very accurate and important.If you haven’t seen the phenomenal documentary THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY yet, then please watch it now, and share it wildly please.Dr. Madej is probably the most interviewed physician on earth, but several people wrote us that our program with her is by far the very best broadcast she ever made. Please share her very best production ever, in honor of Dr. Carrie Madej.

When Two Worlds Collide

The first world consists of those who follow blindly and want their blood sucked from their lifeless bodies from Dr. Dracula Fauci and the Jesuit blood thirsty cult, including the leaders of all the approximately 192 countries existing on this flat plane we call Earth.

The second one consists of those who fight the bloodsuckers but may succumb anyway since the Vampire Spike Protein can be transmitted to the resisters without even getting bitten in the neck .

This is called shedding or the modern day version of how vampires try to kill you. Sounds like a great Hollywood movie but unfortunately the show is playing out for real on all the streets of the world.

The plot is clear. This amounts to genocide and is just another of the long line of Vatican/Jesuit orchestrated ones carried out for centuries.

There are many clues which verify the above comments if you take the time to study the hidden history of the culprits previously mentioned.

Doctor by day…
Dracula by night!

Clues are all over the place but most people just do what their blood sucking owners tell them. Here is one sent to us today from a gentleman called Berwick:

A Compass, A Calendar, A Clock. The Georgia Guide Stones
In June of 1979, a man going by the pseudonym of R.C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company with the task of building a monument. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compass, calendar, and clock, and should be capable of “withstanding catastrophic events”.
He said that no one was to ever know his true identity or that of the group that he was representing. He seemed to have an endless supply of money to fund the project and by the terms of the legal contract, all plans had to be destroyed after completion and all information about him withheld from the public.
Nothing fishy here at all folks.
In 1980, the stones were finished. Known as America’s Stonehenge, this 19-foot high monument displays ten guidelines meant to re-establish the planet and society, perhaps after an apocalypse – in 12 languages.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
Unite humanity with a living new language.
Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
Balance personal rights with social duties. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. (Yes, twice!)They carry a tablet in front proclaiming, “Let these be guide stones to an Age of Reason. “Great! The Age of Reason. Enlightenment.

Interpreted the above just means mass extinction, depopulation and genocide

Dr. Dracula Fauci’s Spike Protein Medical Tool for Worldwide Genocide

Dr. Lee Merritt – Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population, Globalists IMMUNE, Repairing DNA

By Jack Heart
Veterans Today

See the source image

Dr. Lee Merritt – Targeted DNA Harvesting & Damage, De-Population, Globalists IMMUNE, Repairing DNA –JUN 20, 2022

Maria Zee here with Dr. Lee Merritt. Besides being a world champion bodybuilder Dr. Merritt was a Marine Corps surgeon for ten years and is married to a senior officer at the Pentagon. She served over four years as supervising physician for the Navy Research Advisory Commitee and is a past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Merritt has been monitoring the COVID situation, on the advice of a colleague from Fort Detrick, since Christmas of 2019 before most physicians knew there was any such thing as COVID. She is the ultimate beltway insider and only a mainstream media zombie would ignore what she has to say here.

In the first ten minutes or so Dr. Merritt points out that, regardless of whether there is any such thing as a virus or not, it is the spiked protein that is making people sick. Early on in what was until then unprecedented, scholarly papers were withdrawn from medical publications proving that the spiked protein had been derived from HIV leaving no doubt that it was genetically engineered. When alternative news sites like Zerohedge picked up on the fact that the spiked protein is a bioweapon they were simply deplatformed and thus began the complete betrayal of all human life on earth by a media that in the last two years has become the very embodiment of evil…

Dr. Merritt goes on to say this “toxic nano particle,” it’s a synthetic pathogen, is not airborne. That’s the big lie. It was spread manually in Wuhan, parts of Lombardy and in New York City. Then a massive worldwide campaign was launched, through a rigorously censored media and politicians, either bought and paid for or incompetent or both, to spread not a virus but the fear of a virus. This demonic charade was presided over and directed by mad scientist extraordinaire Dr. Anthony Fauci, who vacillated between telling people they did not need a mask to they should wear one to bed and two when they go out.

Predictably the majority of people, already scared to death, without doing the due diligence they would do before they bought a car, ran out and got themselves injected with a “unknown unproven genetic agent” containing DNA coding instructions to produce the spiked protein in their own body. The vaccine is the real bioweapon and everything else has been disinformation to cover up the damage the vaccine is doing. The PCR test doesn’t work and never has worked, leaving the existence of this so said virus highly questionable.  You cannot have a variant of a virus that does not exist.

It is scientists themselves, through their manipulation of the particles to get them under the electron microscope, a two-week process, that are causing their mutation into what are being called viruses.  Dr. Merritt further points out that all they are seeing in their electron microscopes are tiny specks. The pictures of the virus particle festooned all over the media are nothing but artists renditions. They have little to no idea what these tiny particles really look like. They are nano particles.

Since its appropriation by Europeans, Australia has periodically undergone explosions in its mice population that have wreaked havoc on agriculture. By 2016 a sterilizing vaccine had been developed. The vaccine is administered to female mice ruining their ovaries for reproduction and then the females are released into the indigenous mice population. The vaccine then “self disseminates” by the process of shedding, where it’s passed from one mouse to another merely by contact.

To avoid extinction of the species the vaccine wears out by the third generation. I guess we will have to wait and see if that kind of empathy has been extended to the human race but clearly, they do not need to vaccinate everybody to infect everybody.

About thirty minutes in Dr. Merritt cuts to the chase. Such a plan if surreptitiously carried out by an elite group would be suicidal, that is if they were not certain they had hereditary immunity to the spiked protein. The Americans have been caught harvesting genetic samples in China and in 2017 in Russia. With the advent of the Human Genome Project, it became feasible to modify the spiked protein to electrostatically adhere to particular genetic sequences.

Prior infectious pathogens never got past the respiratory system but “this stuff actually hooks in, this bioweapon they made from genetic material, actually hooks into your ACE2 pathway [ACE2 pathways regulate thermogenesis and energy metabolism within the body] and we’ve got ACE2 pathways all over the body. But depending on your genetics is the strength in which it hooks in.”

Dr. Merritt, no doubt wanting to maintain political correctness, if not for her own sake for the Pentagon’s, then dances around the fact that the Ashkenazi bloodline is practically immune to the spiked protein. This is an abstract from a scientific paper published in the summer of 2020, telling you exactly what your chances of being killed or maimed by the spiked protein are according to your race:

The susceptibility of different populations to SARS-CoV-2 infection is not yet understood. Here, we combined ACE2 coding variants’ analysis in different populations and computational chemistry calculations to probe the effects on SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 interaction. ACE2-K26R; which is most frequent in Ashkenazi Jewish population decreased the SARS-CoV-2/ACE2 electrostatic attraction. On the contrary, ACE2-I468V, R219C, K341R, D206G, G211R increased the electrostatic attraction; ordered by binding strength from weakest to strongest. The aforementioned variants are most frequent in East Asian, South Asian, African and African American, European, European and South Asian populations, respectively.” (1)

Dr. Merritt spends most of the rest of the hour discussing the fraudulent claims about, and weaponization in Africa, of what is being called hemorrhagic fever. This was covered extensively by us in our 2016-piece, Blood of Christ: Paint It Blue Hemorrhagic Fever, Expendable Humans and Bacteria Gone BeZerk. At almost fifty-seven minutes in she again cuts to the chase when she brings up the “nano mafia” and explains how much easier and more efficient it would be using nano technology to convert human beings into obedient robot slaves.

She points out that Merck contrary to what they were saying in public about getting out of the vaccine business in 2014 were taking it to the next level with their purchase of the cutting-edge company for neuro-brain interface technology as developed by the disgraced Dr. Charles Lieber. The epiphany in all of this will become apparent with the last three paragraphs of this essay and a careful reading of our Bormann Faction pieces.

I had my own epiphany when at an hour and three and half minutes in she explains the reason why anti-parasitical drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are anathema to the witch doctors and the dancing devils on the evening news. Anti-parasitical drugs are nano-inhibiters. I had read this in a scientific paper about nano particles in the human body in early 2020 when Phil Hunter and I wrote 5 G causes COVID and other reasons to turn off the Internet.

At the time the media was lampooning doctors who were recommending the use of hydroxychloroquine even as Trump was touting it. When I had went back to the same paper to show Phil the sentence specifically naming hydroxychloroquine as a nano-inhibitor the sentence had been purged from the paper. I do this for a living, I’m a professional, I knew what I read but I had no proof, so I was forced to forget about it, until now. Maybe there is hope for those who have allowed themselves to be injected with this transhuman poison…


1 – Ali, Fedaa, Menattallah Elserafy, Mohamed H. Alkordi and Muhamed Amin. “ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity.” National Library of Medicine. PubMed, 20 Aug 2020. Web. <>.


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IT began when the arms of recently vaccinated showed proof of magnetism to various alloys of metallic objects.  But this sensational story was smothered by a hypnotic mental disorder defined as “MASS FORMATION” by Dr. Mattias DesmetSee “The Magnet Challenge
” – “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” by Dr. Mattias Desmet – Greg Reese exposes the stunning issue of post-injection bio-structures and blood clots that are killing and maiming children and adults as they hypnotically obey media orders to submit to the poison needle.

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We are three years into a 10 year genocide and Greg talks all about it.